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The Piedmont Police Department is committed to protecting and serving the members of our community.  We are fortunate to have a wide variety of opportunities to get to know our community members on a personal, first-name basis, which ultimately assists us in providing better service.  One program in particular, known as the M.A.R.E.Y.’S (Missing At Risk Elders and Youths) Program, is a critical tool used by patrol officers and dispatchers to identify, protect, and locate neurodiverse and dependent adults and youth in our community.

Here’s how the program works:

Interested families are asked to complete a short questionnaire regarding their at-risk family members.  Information collected includes the person’s name, address, mental health condition and/or special needs, medications and allergies, and emergency contact information.  Families are asked to submit a recent photo of their loved one to accompany the above form.  If an incident occurs in which the at-risk individual is missing or is contacted by officers, the information maintained in the book will assist officers and dispatchers in promptly identifying the person, or when necessary, in notifying the appropriate emergency contact person(s).  In an emergency situation, every second counts.  The M.A.R.E.Y.’S Program assists dispatchers in providing timely, essential information to first responders who are out in the public in order to keep the members of our community safe.  The information in the M.A.R.E.Y.’S book is held as confidential information and is securely kept at the Piedmont Police Department for official use only.

For additional information, please call the Piedmont Police Department’s non-emergency line at (510) 420-3000.

M.A.R.E.Y.'S book application form

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