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“It is important to remind people that “special” needs (like education) are not really “special”- they are the same needs and rights that every person should enjoy- the delivery specifics are what’s different.”  Shannon de Roches Rosa    

PRAISE is a group of Piedmont parents who support and raise awareness for families whose children have special education needs. We work collaboratively with the Piedmont Unified School District and other parent and community organizations to help make Piedmont a richer and supportive community for kids with special needs.

PRAISE’s mission is to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of learning differences among students, educators, administrators, parents, and the community; advocacy of student needs; professional development for educators; and financial support for relevant programs.

PRAISE fosters a supportive and inclusive social climate for all members of our schools and larger community.

PRAISE works to ensure that Piedmont schools are a vibrant, safe and supportive place for all. We need you to support PRAISE to continue this work!

Since its inception, PRAISE has donated over $100,000 in support of special education programs in the Piedmont schools. PRAISE donations have supported the needs and services identified by parents and school faculty and administration, including:

  • Staff development for general education and special education teachers to promote Inclusion
  • Training in differentiated instructional strategies
  • Materials that provide access to the curriculum for students with learning differences including Assistive Technology
  • Behavioral intervention training and programs
  • Programs that foster social development skills

Our special education students range from preschool through high school and beyond and receive a wide range of services appropriate to individual needs including speech therapy and pragmatics; reading, math, and writing support; inclusion classes; occupational therapy; adaptive physical education; social skills; adaptive technologies; and more.

Please see a 2015 article about PRAISE in the Piedmonter and the Contra Costa Times 

Please join us!

PRAISE holds quarterly meetings and regularly hosts education events such as inviting speakers to talk with parents, resource fairs and parent get-togethers. You may sign up to be on our email list and subscribe to our blog feed.

We appreciate your support to help fund PRAISE’s advocacy and education work. Please make a donation by :

Writing a check to PRAISE & mail to:

PRAISE, 401 Highland Ave, Piedmont, CA 94611


Making a donation online through PUSD online registrations.

PRAISE is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.

 Your generous contribution is tax deductible. Tax ID: 68-0379370.

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PRAISE is a group of Piedmont parents that actively supports families with children with special needs.

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