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2019 Alameda County Transition Information Faire

The Transition Faire is an opportunity for students and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, service providers and school district staff to learn about adult services. The Faire includes an educational showcase of adult service programs and a variety of educational workshops.

Community Advisory Committee

2017-2018 Planning Session

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is a group formed to focus and advise on issues which affect children with special needs, SELPA-wide. Family members, teachers, administrators, community representatives, and others who are interested in children with special needs, are welcome to attend the CAC meetings. Meetings follow an open and relaxed format oriented toward informational presentations, discussion, and a time for questions and answers.

EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING: Planning, Decision-Making, and Metacognition for Kids

Neurodiversity Speaker Series

EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING:  Planning, Decision-Making, and Metacognition for Kids

“Executive functioning” refers to the set of neurocognitive skills that allow us to manage ourselves and our resources: our time, our self-control, our working memory, our planning and organization.  Strong executive functioning is critical to our kids’ success—in school and in their personal lives—and has an especially significant impact on those with learning differences.

IEP Workshop

Ellen Driscoll Playhouse at Havens Elementary School

This workshop will be led by Carol Cohen, Program Manager from Family Resources Network, a parent-directed community-based organization that serves families of children with disabilities or special health care needs in Alameda County. Parents will learn about the process of collaborating with school staff to develop an Individualized Educational Plan, available services, how to advocate for your child, and what you can do to make IEP meetings more effective. ‚Äč 

Perfect Pitch in the Key of Autism

Haven's Library

Piedmont resident and registered music therapist Susan Rancer will appear with Henny Kupferstein, autism researcher and PhD student will read from and speak about their recently published book "Perfect Pitch in the Key of Autism."

Social Thinking Conferences

Michelle Garcia Winner received a Congressional award of special recognition for her development of Social Thinking, a treatment approach for social and communicative challenges.

The Lenses We Look Through

Finding Our Children, Helping Them Find Themselves

The Lenses We Look Through

An evening to think about how lenses and labels affect lives. An evening to share thoughts about the ways we discover, describe and support the interests, talents, challenges and needs of our children...

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