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EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING: Planning, Decision-Making, and Metacognition for Kids

Neurodiversity Speaker Series

EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING:  Planning, Decision-Making, and Metacognition for Kids

Carrie Lindemuth, MEd is an Educational Therapist and Social-Emotional Learning & Executive Functioning Specialist who works with both children and adults. Her practice focuses on selfregulation, strategic thinking, adaptive decision-making, and academic success for people with executive functioning challenges. She is the founder of Executive Function Junction, and cocreator of the Brain Talk curriculum.

“Executive functioning” refers to the set of neurocognitive skills that allow us to manage ourselves and our resources: our time, our self-control, our working memory, our planning and organization.  Strong executive functioning is critical to our kids’ success—in school and in their personal lives—and has an especially significant impact on those with learning differences.

Research shows that metacognition—thinking about our thinking—plays a critical role in successful decision-making and learning. Executive Function Specialist Carrie Lindemuth has developed a metacognitive curriculum called “Brain Talk,” which uses short animated videos to teach K-12 students the "metacognition of motivation," and how to be more aware of the connections between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they relate to decision-making.

Please join us for this FREE presentation and discussion. PRAISE is a local parent group that supports neurodiversity, teacher training, executive functioning support, and multi-sensory instruction for the beneļ¬t of ALL
Piedmont students.

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